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Welcome to the Community Action Partnership of Riverside County virtual site! We are part of the County of Riverside government and a new member of the Riverside County Department of Public Health team. As the Executive Director of Riverside County Community Action Partnership, my responsibilities include leading our paid staff of over 60 as well as hundreds of volunteers in providing much needed assistance to the residents of our 28 cities and the unincorporated areas of Riverside County. Our task is not easy as many of our 2.3 million residents have suffered greatly through the recession and our slow economic recovery. Read More...
What an incredible honor it is to assume the Chairmanship of the Community Action Commission during Community Action’s 50th Anniversary. I wish to thank Gene Walker for his service as Chair these past two years, and I thank the Commission for its trust and faith in me. I serve with an incredible group of volunteers who truly have the needs of people with low incomes close to their hearts. Read More...

What Others Say About Us

  • Truly appreciate your help and going above and beyond to assists with getting funds in order to help with electricity. Thanks so much, God bless you.


    Donna Scott-HaggerProgram: Utility Assistance Read More
  • I would like to express my sincerest thanks and appreciation, for the pledge of two-hundred fifty seven dollars that was pledged.


    Monica M. BriggsProgram: Utility Assistance Read More
  • I have been prepared for the future, I’m very grateful that CAP Riverside was able to give the opportunity to join Pre-Apprenticeship Program, not only that they gave me a job, but it was a positive experience.


    Diana PachecoProgram: Pre-Apprenticeship Read More
  • To the staff of L.I.H.E.A.P. Riverside County Office: The funds approved for our house this summer are so very much appreciated, more than you know. Thank you, again.


    PAMELA AMODEO-MORRISProgram: Utility Assistance Read More
  • During the training, the instructor taught us how to talk to people and let them know we’re listening. She also taught us how to calm individuals down if they start raising their voice or if they are feeling a little too strongly about what they are saying. A helpful leadership skill that I have developed from Peer Mediation is my ability to talk to people when they need someone to help them solve their conflicts with others. This helps with my personal life too because my friends know they can come to me if they need someone to help them work out their conflicts.

    Callie S., Student at Dorothy McElhinney Middle SchoolProgram: Dispute Resolution Read More
  • The Mediator made all the learning very fun. The leadership skill I have gathered/developed during peer mediation is being able to ask questions. It comes easy because now I know what to ask. The knowledge I have gained has affected everything. I can now solve problems between friends and family. My personality is more calm and I more open with others. School is easier because I am helping my community and I feel better about myself and who I am.

    Brittany H., Student at Dorothy McElhinney Middle SchoolProgram: Dispute Resolution Read More
  • Taking the Peer Mediation Training classes has confirmed things I already know/believe while empowering me to be confident in the help I give my peers. It gave me that extra sense of comfort to sit with people I didn’t know and be able to help them through their problems. Peer Mediation reminded me that each person’s perception of the situation must be heard and explained by both of the parties in order to reach and agree on any sort of resolution. Helping my peers reach an understanding and appreciation for each other is very rewarding. I felt I was in the right place doing something right!

    Natalie L., Student at Dorothy McElhinney Middle SchoolProgram: Dispute Resolution Read More
  • I was a very shy kid growing up. In elementary school I dealt with bullies the only way I knew how, by ignoring them and not saying a word to anyone. Now that I have the skills to solve not only my problems, but help others as well I feel free! I am happy now. I smile more knowing that I have the knowledge to help my friends deal with tough situations.

    Kawani H., Student at Rancho Verde High SchoolProgram: Dispute Resolution Read More
  • Community Action Partnership, Energy Department L.I.H.E.A.P. and Share Programs: I want to let you know how much I appreciate the assistance you have extended to me as a Riverside Public Utility Customer. It has been more important and more difficult now at my age to not become over hesitant by our hot Riverside Summers. Your generosity is an asset to my health, allowing me to live comfortably through the summer months.

    Norma BrysonProgram: Utility Assistance Read More
  • I would like to thank CAP Riverside for all the resources they have provided in helping me achieve one of the biggest goals of my life: Starting my own business. From offering workshops on financial planning and entrepreneurship to being mentors for people seeking self-sufficiency and success, Community Action Partnership is helping many members of the community ensure that these are not dreams deferred. Without this organization, I may not have been able to turn my dream into a reality. A special thanks to Lanita Tademy, Michael Elkins, Nicole Kinney, Angel Cardoz, and Lavonda Coleman for helping me become a graduate of the CAP Saving for Success Program!

    Oluwatosin BalogunProgram: Saving for Success Read More
  • The Saving for Success program from the Community Action Partnership has kick-started an idea into a dream in motion. In completing the program, I gained information and tools which have empowered me to move beyond various obstacles. I am now on my way to the next level of my life. Thank you Community Action Partnership of Riverside County.

    Hector SandovalProgram: Saving for Success Read More
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