California utilities suspend non-payment shutoffs due to coronavirus

In our effort to encourage the community we serve to comply with County, State and CDC guidelines to practice social distancing and remain at home, Community Action Partnership of Riverside County is making the following change:  

Effective immediately, Community Action Partnership requests that you submit your application for Utility Assistance by mail or online at .

Please don't fax in your application. Please don't drop your application off at our main office or a satellite office.

Mail the applications and copies of your supporting documents to:


Community Action Partnership of Riverside County
P.O. Box 5760
Riverside, CA 92517-5760




Community Action Partnership of Riverside County (CAP Riverside) administers the federally-funded Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), which provides utility payment assistance and weatherization services to low income customers in Riverside County. The program is funded by Federal Department of Health and Human Services through the State Department of Community Services and Development. Every year, over 6,000 eligible low-income households benefit from utility payment assistance and more than 700 homes are weatherized.




Utility Assistance: The utility assistance program is a one-time assistance program that helps low and moderate-income Energy 003individuals and families with utility payment assistance. Funding for the program is provided by the federal LIHEAP (Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program) and the City of Riverside SHARE (Sharing Households Assist Riverside’s Energy). Those receiving utility assistance also receive energy conservation education.

 SHARE or LIHEAP: Which is for you?
SHARE is funded by the City of Riverside and is specifically for Riverside Public Utilities customers. LIHEAP is a federally-funded program that is implemented by the State. CAP Riverside administers both programs. SHARE customers may also apply for LIHEAP. All other utility customers should fill out a LIHEAP application. (Please note that SHARE eligibility is determined by different income guidelines than LIHEAP, and should be submitted in person at the following office location: 2038 Iowa Ave., Suite B-102, Riverside, CA 92507) more >>> Frequently asked questions

ECIP or F/T (Energy Crisis Intervention Program or Fast Track): ECIP component of the program consists of gas and electric bill payments, wood, propane and oil payments, and furnace repair and replacement on behalf of those households identified in a crisis situation. An ECIP payment is made when an applicant receives a 24 or 48-hour disconnection notice or other utility service disconnection notice that would involve a life threatening and/or emergency situation; or the applicant’s utility services have been terminated; or the applicant requires assistance with establishing a new account. Clients whose utilities are included in their rent DO NOT qualify for ECIP/FT. 



Energy Education: CAP Riverside requires all utility payment assistance/weatherization customers to receive energy conservation education. The purpose of theEnergy Education copy education is to assist the customer in learning about the costs of energy, the benefits of energy conservation measures and practices, and available resources such as rebates,appliance safety and discount programs

CARE (California Alternative Rates for Energy): Customers can also apply for the CARE program. This program provides a monthly 20% or more discount on the electric or gas bill for those who meet the income eligibility guidelines, hold the utility account in his/her name and are not claimed as qualified customers.

Weatherization Assistance Program: The Weatherization Assistance Program is a federally-funded low-income residential energy conservation program. The program provides free home energy conservation services to low-income Riverside County homeowners and renters. These services reduce energy use and lower utility bills, creating safer and more self-sufficient households. Energy saving services include measures such as attic insulation, caulking, water heater blanket, heating/cooling system repair or replacement, and other energy-efficient measures. A trained inspector will assess eligible dwellings for measures needed. A typical inspection will include blower door testing for air leakage, combustion appliance testing for safety and efficiency, and a Health and Safety inspection. All needed improvements are made at no cost to you.