The Riverside County Community Action Commission Members allowed me the
privilege of being elected to serve as the 19th Chairman. 
I thank the Commission for its vote of confidence. 
Community Action has been quietly ‘helping people and changing lives’ for the last 37
years. Our programs have a common thread of providing support to individuals and
families struggling with poverty and their financial lives. Through our services, we assist
clients as they move-out of poverty to a position of overall economic well-being.

As a public servant representing the City of Palm Springs, I am honored to serve on the
Commission, as I see firsthand the direct correlation between Community Action’s
services, and assisting those in need. When people are supported, and basic needs
are met, they thrive and become stronger. Strengthening our neighbors, helps make
our communities a healthier place for all of us to thrive.

I look forward to working with many of you, as well as maintain the support of the
Riverside County Board of Supervisors ‘to alleviate poverty and promote self-



- Dale E. Cook, Jr.



Field level help.