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IDA is a matched savings incentive program for low-income residents of Riverside County. Participants must have earned income from a job or self-employment to be eligible for the program. Participants attend a series of both mandatory and elective workshops to increase financial knowledge as well as to become better prepared for their goal. They open a savings account and contribute to reach the goal of $1,000 savings to be matched.

Participates attend a series of workshops which assist in financial 4-1 match of $4,000 to purchase the following:
1. Purchase first home
2. Pursue education 
3. Start or expand a small business 

Matching funds can ONLY be used for one of three goals-
1. Start or expand a small business,
2. Advanced educational or vocational training, or
3. Buy a first home.

Those who participate must have earned income from a job or self employment to be eligible for the program. 
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