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Dispute Resolution

Mediation is: conflict resolution assisted by a neutral third party achieved through active listening, understanding, exploration of options and compromise.  Mediation is a win-win alternative to small claims court.

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Free Community Mediation Workshops





  • Mediation services to the Superior Court of California, Riverside County.
  • Mediation services for small businesses in Riverside County.
  • Public awareness education of alternatives to resolving disputes.
  • Training and certification classes in Conflict Resolution in accordance with the Dispute Resolution Act of 1996.
  • Community mediation to address daily issues and conflicts for residents of Riverside County.
  • Police Referrals: Local Police Departments refer disputing parties to participate in mediation.
  • Peer Mediation teaches mediation to middle school and high school students.

If you have a situation that you would like to mediate, please contact the Dispute Resolution Center