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Planning Division


The Planning Division is dedicated to meeting the following four objectives in its daily activities:

  • Strategic Planning in the agency and in community provide direction and purpose for programs, services, and activities within education & wealth building, advocacy, community organizing, and agency capacity building [collection, orientation, monitoring, analyzing and reporting on program strategies, outcomes and societal data, economic and environmental perceptions, Blueprint to end poverty, creating measurable outcomes and tracking progress] 
  • Capacity Building of staff, board, and community includes training and technical assistance opportunities that enhance and expand knowledge, skills, and awareness of poverty issues, develop strategies to end poverty; and create new opportunities for service deliveries and agency growth [for staff, board, and community, Community Action Academy, ROMA outcomes management, collaborations, Request for Funding processes, community dialogues, self-sufficiency calculator, President’s Volunteer Award]. 
  • Evaluation and Monitoring of sub-contractors, in-house programs, and community efforts [tracking site-visits, customer satisfaction surveys,  community report cards, demographic profiles, including fiscal and programmatic evaluation, trend analysis]. 
  • Research and Development identify the most effective, efficient program strategies and best practices to end poverty through primary and secondary data [agency fund development, community assessments, data collection, demonstration programs, return on investment].