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Peer Mediation

IMG_7392The Dispute Resolution Center of CAP Riverside teaches students to help their classmates work out conflicts. The purpose of this program is to reduce conflict and fighting in our schools and the overall goal is to provide a safer environment for students to learn in and to assist the disputing parties in reaching a peaceful solution. All peer mediations are confidential.


Conflict is a natural part of people living and working together. Peer Mediation is an alternative approach to settling disputes between students and provides schools with an alternative to traditional disciplinary practices. Peer Mediators are students trained to facilitate the mediation process. They use mediation skills to guide the mediation process and help their peers settle the differences in a respectful and constructive manner. Students involved in this process, either as peer mediators or disputants, learn a new healthy way of handling conflict.


Schools have increasingly been working with CAP Riverside to implement peer mediation programs as a way to help students find peaceful solutions to every day conflicts. We currently work with 24 schools throughout Riverside County and hope to increase that number within the upcoming year.


Experience has shown that middle school and high school students can understand and use skills necessary to manage conflict. Currently there are over 5,000 Peer Mediation Programs in schools in the United States.