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How Weatherization Works

Since 1979, the Weatherization Program has helped low-income households across the county make their homes more energy efficient and reduce their energy costs.  Necessary conservation improvements are made at no cost to eligible households. Funding is provided by federal LIHEAP and Department of Energy. A certified Energy Inspector will visit you for a thorough building inspection to assess the needs of your home. The Inspector will design, within the program's constraints, a customized set of conservation measures which will be installed in your home at no cost to you.

                                  Pre-Inspection of WorkWX Inspect copy

 A pre-weatherization inspection of your home is the  first step to determine what weatherization measures can be done in your home.  The process will take approximately one hour of your time.  The inspector will complete a thorough examination of your home to determine those measures which will best meet your energy needs.

                                  Completion of Work 

WX BlowerOnce the assessment of your home is completed, you will be contacted by one of our subcontractors to schedule to have the work completed.WX Light

                       Post-Inspection of Work

Post-inspection is required. It takes approximately 30 minutes of your time and is usually scheduled within 10 days of completion of the Weatherization work.  The weatherization inspector will walk you through your home and explain the benefits and potential impact of each measure installed.

 Qualification for Weatherization Services

Weatherization services are available at no cost to low-income homeowners and renters living in Riverside County who meet the income guidelines. Priority is given to families with the lowest incomes and highest energy burden, to people age 60 and over, those permanently disabled, and to families with small children under five years of age.

If you rent, you will be required to obtain your landlord’s signed consent prior to commencing work. Advise your landlord before you apply.

WX suited and booted 

Generally,  homes that have been previously served by Weatherization Programs cannot be re-weatherized, but there are some exceptions. Please contact us for details.